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Spray Tan 101

How to prepare:

24-48 hours prior:

  • Exfoliate
  • No use of oil on skin (moisturizers, serums ect.) 
  • No high PH level washes or use bar soap

Day of:

  • No use of oils and no makeup preferred (if you do have makeup on, please remove prior to spray tanning session) 
  • Dark loose fitting clothing recommended
  • No jewelry
  • Minimal deodorant and avoid spray deodorant and perfumes.


  • 8 to 12 mins to dry
  • Avoid oil and water for 24 hours (unless having the express spray tan service)
  • No pool for at least 48 hours

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a spray tan if I am pregnancy, have a skin condition for have Diabetes?

Norvell strongly recommends anyone with health concerns to consult a physician. The solution is non-toxic with no known side effects, but caution should always be utilized.  Use of protective undergarments, use of nose filters, use of lip balm, use of protective eye wear is recommended.

Spray Tan Skin Facts

  • Norvell solution does not provide UV protection or concealer.
  • At first it can be sticky, but after 8-12 min this should not be a problem.
  • Natural looking Norvell tan should last 5-7 days.  
  • You will not become orange, Norvell is known for their “just back from the beach” look.  If you are someone with very fair skin please exfoliate thoroughly.
  • If there is a worry of an allergic reaction a Patch test on the thinnest layer of skin is recommended.

Tips for Making Your Spray Tan Last

  • Pat yourself dry
  • No exfoliation
  • Intense moisturizing