Lashes by Ashton De Lorenzo/Look is “Intro Set”

Lashes by Ashton De Lorenzo/Look is “Intro Set”

What to Expect from Your Lash Extension Experience

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Our high quality, lash extensions are available in many different curves and thicknesses, allowing you to choose your exact look. It’s best to show up to the appointment make-up and contact lens free; it’s also recommended to shower beforehand because you will not be able to get your face wet for 24 hours. In addition to avoiding moisture, you should also refrain from the following for a two-day period post-procedure: exposure to excessive heat, facial treatments, and touching or applying any pressure to the lashes.

How To Care For Your Lashes

Proper Care of Your Eyelash Extensions:

DO AVOID MOISTURE for the first 24 hours.  Water or even steam can loosen the glue, causing extensions to fall off or clump together.  Skip the gym until the glue has fully set.  If you’re not sure, it’s always best to wait.

DON’T RUB YOUR EYES.  It can feel strange at first to have eyelash extensions, but it is important not to rub your eyes or pull at your lashes.  This drastically reduces the lifespan of the extensions and isn’t good for your natural eyelashes.  

DON’T USE OILS NEAR YOUR EYELASHES. This doesn’t mean you can’t use mascara or makeup remover, but be sure to read the labels first.  Most mascara does not contain oil, but many facial cleansers do.  Find an oil-free, gentle product that you can use if you’re wearing eye makeup.  Use mascara only intended for use with eyelash extensions.

DO STYLE YOUR EYELASH EXTENSIONS. Since extensions can be much longer than your natural lashes, they need a little extra shaping.  While they’re damp, gently comb them into shape. However, do not over style them. Eyelash curlers can pull too much at extensions and cause them to fall off faster.  

HOW TO MAINTAIN YOUR EYELASH EXTENSIONS: Although caring for your eyelash extensions is different than caring for natural lashes, the process is actually significantly simpler.  For women who no longer want to bother with mascara, eyelash curler and carefully grooming lashes, eyelash extensions are the quick and easy way to achieve stunning eyelashes.  Many women find that once they try eyelash extensions, they never want to go back to their natural lashes.