Located in Capitol Hill, Wax & Beauty Bar is a salon specializing in providing unparalleled waxing and hair services at competitive prices.  

Wax & Beauty Bar offers a full menu of affordable facial and body waxing for women and men, as well as hair, eyelash extensions and makeup.  

We mean business when it comes to providing our clients with the finest customer service and most sanitary treatments around.  We have a strict "no double dipping" policy and will go above and beyond to provide with you with the most comfortable experience possible.

We only hire the best licensed professionals and all of our staff is trained to handle every skin type.  We believe waxing is an art and doesn't have to be a long, painful procedure.  At Wax & Beauty Bar, we are passionate about what we do and our only goal is to make you, our clients happy.  We want to make your hair removal process approachable and affordable.  

That's why we're certain you won't find another waxing salon that is as committed to cleanliness, comfort and affordability as we are.  



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Location - WE’VE MOVED!

1654 N Grant St Denver, CO 80203



Tue–Fri 10a-8p
Sat 10a–5p
Sun-Mon Closed


We are Proud to Offer Xtreme Lashes

Meet Our Staff 

Wax & Beauty Bar has a team of highly trained skincare and beauty experts.  Let our experienced staff take care of you!

Wax and Beauty Bar Team

Wax and Beauty Bar Denise Sanchez

Meet Denise 

Makeup Artist, Hairstylist & Esthetician

Denise has been in the beauty industry for over 7 years and working with Aveda for the last 4 years, which lead her to found Wax & Beauty Bar in 2014.  She has a passion for all things beauty (especially waxing and makeup).  She loves helping guests transform their look into something new and fun. Denise specializes in beautiful brows and working to get the perfect shape for you. Her detailed work ensures that every client leaves her with skin that looks healthy and gorgeous.

Meet Jordyn

Esthetician & Beauty Expert

Jordyn is a Colorado native who comes from a fine arts background - a passion she's had since a very young age - which eventually led her to the beauty industry in search of learning a new art form. With a passion for brows, she can guide you to your perfect brows that are not only going to compliment your features, but make you feel put-together and "on" at all times. Jordyn also takes immense pride in making any and all waxing services as comfortable and fun as possible, even when it's something you wouldn't necessarily consider enjoyable. She believes one's self-expression and self-confidence is their own personal work of art and is here to help her clients find their way to it!

Jordyn Bailey

Meet Laura

Esthetician & Beauty Expert

Laura has had a passion for all things related to beauty and skincare for as long as she can remember. Bringing out her client’s innate beauty and helping them feel gorgeous, confident, and poised is something that inspires her daily. She believes that healthy skin is beautiful skin, and is always striving to stay updated on the latest developments in skincare. Whether you seek smooth skin, beautiful brows, or lush lashes, Laura takes a great deal of pride in her work and is dedicated to giving you a top-notch experience.

Laura (3 of 3).jpg

Wax and Beauty Bar Sarah

Meet Sarah

Esthetician & Beauty Expert

Sarah has been in the beauty industry with her expertise in waxing and skincare for 12 years.  She has an energetic way of helping her guests feel comfortable and unusually wanting more, as it is her goal to make every service as quick and painless as possible.  With excessive training under her belt, she continues to seek education to keep you up to date and feeling beautiful in every way.  Sarah will astonish you with her attention to every detail and perfectionism!

Wax and Beauty Bar Andrea Bujanda

Meet Andrea

Esthetician & Beauty Expert

Andrea has been in the skincare industry making guests feel and look beautiful for over 6 years. She does an amazing job of making each guest feel confident and clean. She is very knowledgable and loves to educate her guest on how to keep and maintain the perfect skin. Her passion for any and all things skincare will keep you coming back for more tips and tricks!

Meet Ashton

Esthetician & Beauty Expert

Ashton De Lorenzo

Ashton is a Colorado native with over 10 years of experience as a licensed esthetician. As a former ballerina, she was exposed to art, creativity and beauty at a young age and never looked back. Throughout her career, she has carved a niche in waxing and eyelash extensions. She is one of Denver’s premier Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions stylists and national educators. She loves helping women feel beautiful while minimizing their morning routine, whether it’s lash extensions or a fresh brow shaping and tint. Ashton wants all her clients to wake up feeling made up by highlighting their natural assets so they can get up and go!

Wax and Beauty Bar Ellie Howard

Meet Ellie

Hairstylist & Beauty Expert

Ellie's love for hair started in a small, rural town in South Dakota. Being a farmer's daughter, her first haircuts happened to be on 4-H animals. As far back as she can remember she always said someday she would be a "city-girl". Finally, after completing beauty school she packed up her car and moved to the city of Denver. She graduated with top honors from the Aveda Pure Talent Academy after which she continued working behind the chair.  Ellie takes pride in understanding her clients hair types and goals. She strives for every client to feel the pleasure of knowing once they've shared in the experience of having their hair cared for, maintained and styled a true transformation has been set. Ellie's favorite part of doing hair is customizing color, styling, and building her brand with the individuality & beauty of her clients through the art of hair.

Duane Schneider

Meet Duane

Hairstylist & Beauty Expert

Duane is a Colorado native who has been working in the salon industry for 15+ years with about 10 years behind the chair.  He trained with Bumble and Bumble for hair cutting and styling classes. Duane has taken many color classes to keep up to date on new looks. When a guest sits in his chair, he enjoys helping them figure out their desired hair goal and the best way to achieve it.  Duane loves long layer cuts and blondes. He can do conservative to fun and funky looks.

Kirsten Andre

Meet Kirsten

Hairstylist & Beauty Expert

Kirsten unknowingly had a passion for doing hair at a very young age. From playing with her American Girl's hair, to doing prom updos for her friends, there was just something natural about her knack for doing hair. After spending two years studying psychology at Montana State, she realized her true passion was in the beauty industry. From there she moved to Denver to begin her studies in cosmetology. Kirsten studied and interned with Aveda, and then went on to work for them for a total of 4 years. During this time her love for hair color grew immensely. Along with that came a clientele full of color. "There is just something so magical about transforming someone's look with different colors and techniques." Kirsten not only enjoys color, but also loves being behind the scenes of weddings. "It's an awesome opportunity to travel while doing what I love!" She plans to continue expanding her wedding business not only in Colorado, but back home in Montana as well.


Meet Selina


Selina is one of 6 girls in her family. She has always been intrigued with all things beauty. From playing dress up at a young age to doing friends makeup for prom. As she got older she started at Ulta beauty and fell in love with not only makeup, but making others feel beautiful. Now, working at Wax and Beauty Bar she is always looking forward to making your day a little brighter.



Meet Mallory


Mallory has been working in the beauty industry for nearly ten years since she graduated from high school and earned her license in cosmetology. Back in college now, she still enjoys her time in the salon and loves making connections with others even if for only 5 minutes at a time. Give us a call and she will be on the other end with a smile happy to help.